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Learn more about how to find the perfect DJ headphones

When selecting the perfect DJ headphones, those characteristics on the factory boxes will not help. Headphones are the main DJ tool, so their selection needs more information. The whole quality of performance, comfort, and inspiration totally depend on them.

How clear is the sound when playing at high volume?

This characteristic is usually the main component in the price of the DJ headphones because technologically advanced speakers and details are more expensive. All this is responsible for the ability to provide the qualitative sound of all frequencies in a high volume. The level of this limit is very important because when you add more volume, the speakers are overloaded and the sound is distorted. Read the feedback on the product to understand whether or not it allows you to perform well.

How well do the ear cushions fit on the ears and isolate from external noise?

If the ear cushions are not tightly leaned against the ears, the sound from the outside will be mixed with the sound of the headphones. You can make the headphones even louder, but you will lose in intelligibility and harm the health of your ears. The reason can be the design of the headphones. Sometimes even perfect design doesn’t fit, so it is important to wear the product before buying. This is an individual moment, it happens that DJs choose unpopular models for themselves, because they fit them the best. Learn about this and many other useful things connected to music and sound here https://musiety.com.

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