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Christina Aguilera pleased her fans with a new album

Liberation, a new album by Christina Aguilera is considered to be one of the most promising and successful albums in 2018. Soft ballads, strong vocal and sexy tunes will make you listen to the pop artist again and again.

Christina Aguilera comes up with an outstanding new album

Christina Aguilera has finally released a new album, Liberation, after the long 6-years pause. The new album has little to no sudden experiments, offering amazing vocal, excellent rhythms and easy tunes. Christina went back to her early albums, released dozens of years ago. Therefore, Liberation is a unique example of perfect pop music with some elements of aggro rap-pop and futurepop.

The album’s guest vocals include famous Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Mike Dean, Linda Perry, Demi Lovato and GoldLink. According to the fans’ reviews, the new album is one of the best ones for the last decade. “Like I Do”, “Twice”, “Fall in Love” and “Accelerate” are among the most memorable compositions from the new album.

Aguilera’s new album received plenty of positive feedback from music critics and industry professionals. Some of the music experts also find it to be the greatest album in the whole artist’s career. The glory days of Christina Aguilera are still ahead with her newest successful album.

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