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Wave Analysis

Wave Analysis – Wave analysis is nothing else than the “wave theory” of Ralph Nelson Elliott The basic theory is an assumption that is the psychological state of social behavior. are represented by the model. Elliot uses the equity markets as input data. He realized that the range of price …

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Direct payday loans. Reasons to apply

Although payday loans have huge popularity nowadays in the USA, there are quite mixed opinions regarding them. Of course, they have definite advantages and disadvantages as any other credit form does. Nevertheless, a payday loan is the easiest way to get extra cash and is in high demand. Here are …

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CPA firms in Washington DC

Today in the USA, many financial companies provide various services related to taxation or financial difficulties. In Washington DC, there are more than 37 successful firms. Among the leading companies we could highlight: VentureCount; Maventri; Lombardo Wagner Ayers & Company; Maxim Liberty;  RemSource and others. They have similar provide financial …

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How to start using Trodax?

As well as for a variety of cash transactions related to the implementation of transactions, the user’s account on the account must have the necessary minimum amount for further cryptocurrency trading operations. Different exchanges set certain minimum limits on a user’s account. Our service recommends having a minimum amount of …

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The Advantages of Working with OmisMedia

In case you want your business to get to the next level, OmisMedia is worth your attention. The company offers performance-based solutions for your marketing and e-commerce. Let’s see how it can be of help for your business.

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Brief CFD trading guide

CFD trading is becoming increasingly popular every day. But how exactly does it work and what are the advantages and disadvantages? Let’s answer the most important the questions related to trading CFDs in this brief CFD trading guide.

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