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Things to consider when using push notifications

In a marketing poll in 2014, 94% of marketing professionals from different industries stated that personalization was very important for achieving marketing goals. Find out what else you should adhere to when sending push notifications to your users.

What to consider when using push ads

The most remarkable thing about push notifications is that you can segment the target audience, by personalizing it in detail. For example, a clothing brand can send messages to users based on items they have seen or bought in the past. A great idea is the segmentation of notifications by gender or age.

Another interesting feature that you can use is geo-targeting. For example, if you are a retailer, you can send reminders for discounts that are valid for a certain period of time to those who are in the immediate vicinity of your store.

By specifying the username and the area, in which he is currently located, you will be able to get his attention much more efficiently than the general message.

It was also noticed that the use of emoticons affects audience retention.

When setting up push notifications, leave the choice for users – let them decide how they will receive notifications. If the audience has control over when and why they receive alerts, the likelihood of an increase in subscriptions and a low percentage of messages becomes higher.

If you can create a valuable personalized experience for your users, they will most likely react to push notifications and appreciate your brand.

Things to avoid

You should avoid sending the same push notifications to all subscribers. In addition, you need to carefully study the target audience in terms of demography, so as not to accidentally send an unacceptable alert.

Time is also important when sending push notifications

If you send information to your audience that does not have value for it in the middle of the night, you will lose the trust of subscribers.

Studies show that it is best to send notifications in the afternoon on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

It is also important to synchronize push notifications with other marketing channels. If someone finds out about your proposal, after reading the mailing list, and in half an hour receives a push notification with the same content, it is likely that he will be dissatisfied.

Finally, remember that if users subscribe to notifications from you, this is a privilege. Do not be a tyrant. Always leave subscribers the option to unsubscribe and do not spam.

Using the advertising Push notifications network, you can avoid possible difficulties with notifications and make them more efficient.

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