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Introducing Besmixer a DeepDotWeb Bitcoin mixer for protection and safety

If you read news on Deepdotweb you’ve probably heard about cryptocurrency mixers. So today we’ll speak about Bestmixer which has many interesting functions which really works.

Darkweb news is all about markets and cryptocurrency, sometimes there are reviews on mixing services. But we haven’t found the one we like so there will be a brief review on Bestmixer.

What, where and when

Bestmixer is a mixing service created in 2018 by unknown developers. Nobody knows where their data centers are located. On the official website (https://bestmixer.io/en) they say it was done for a higher level of protection.

The main principals of working

The way it works is simple: users send coins, the service mixes them with the money from other clients and gives the same amount back. The key is that it’ll be impossible to find the owner’s name. First of all, they don’t ask for it, and secondly, an incoming address is generated automatically and deleted within 24 hours after the mixing.

Prices and guarantees

This Deepdotweb Bitcoin mixer offers reasonable prices: the minimum fee for every coin is 0,5%. But there’s an opportunity to make it lower. In a “Fees” section it’s explained in details but, in one word, the more you mix at once – the bigger discounts you get. The money isn’t paid for nothing – everybody gets a unique code which guarantees the same coins won’t be given back.

Of course, it’s not a full review but it’s easy to understand that Bestmixer is an interesting service at least to try. As it’s constantly developing, we’re sure there’ll be even more attractive moments for crypto owners.

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