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How to start using Trodax?

As well as for a variety of cash transactions related to the implementation of transactions, the user’s account on the account must have the necessary minimum amount for further cryptocurrency trading operations. Different exchanges set certain minimum limits on a user’s account. Our service recommends having a minimum amount of 0.1-0.2 BTC, which should be the minimum threshold on each exchange. If you have a smaller deposit, you can run only one bot for each currency pair, since your deposit will not be enough for them to work correctly. A high percentage of the free deposit is also required so that Trodax can make additional purchases at the purchase price averaging in case of a sharp price reduction). Correct implementation of any operation also requires a high percentage of your free deposit, so Trodax can make additional purchases, or even to average prices in the case of, for example when selling a cryptocurrency bot to your stock exchange, the price will fall, and you need to resell it.


Start with 14 days of free trial, which includes round-the-clock online support, Telegram notifications, full use of our filters and more. To try our service and get 14 days of use free, visit our web page trodax.com

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