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CRM Software. Cloud vs Desktop

It is worth recognizing that modern company cannot exist without a CRM system. And for now, you have a choice between cloud and desktop solutions. Most of the companies move their activities to the cloud due to the range of reasons, in particular they use BPM cloud solution.
Transferring to the cloud, the company gets obvious financial advantages:
● stable costs of maintenance of cloud infrastructure
● saving on service of servers, beginning from the equipment and finishing with salaries for workers
● save costs on installation, implementation, deployment
● the flexible system of payment depending on real needs (the volume of a disk space, the number of users, and sometimes even a set of modules)
However, it should be taken into account that often in case of implementation of cloud solution the client faces high price tags when needed customization if the solution can be customized in general. At the same time, this problem is easily solved — there are many options on the market and it is always possible to find worthy alternative solutions.
Each company, making the decision on implementation of a cloud software, finds the additional benefits. And one of those is that when using this kind of a software ROI of business considerably raises.

Cloud Solutions — advantages for the client

There are several advantages for the client when your company chooses cloud
● no installation costs and free updates, the simplicity of deployment. However the operation of the hardware the preset software is not always guaranteed, some services do not work with mobile browsers
● speed of implementation (the implementation period is practically absent), which is valuable both for small, and too big commands. Small business will be able to tear the activities with the use of a qualitative software, and scale — not to waste working hours on installation and setup of applications for each workplace often there is a divisibility of a software and a possibility of purchase on separate modules

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